From Tigers to Tarantulas: A Day Out at Longleat Safari Park

HarryBy Harry, age 9.

I went on a deadly safari with my Grandpa last weekend. I love animals so Longleat is the perfect day out for me. You can see all sorts of animals like hippos, lions, wolves, flamingos and meerkats.

The first thing we did was the drive through safari. The tigers were absolutely huge. There were quite a lot lying around and one walked right past our car. The lions came really close to us too. There are two prides of lions at Longleat. They have to be kept apart so they don’t fight each other. There were lions everywhere we looked: cubs, lionesses and the big males.

Longleat Safari ParkLongleatWe also saw lots of rhinos but one of the best bits was the camels because they came right up to the car and put their head in the window! It was really funny.

I loved the monkey drive-thru. You should be warned though – the monkeys will eat parts of your car. You can see lots of bits of window wipers on the floor all around as you drive through. My Grandpa wanted to miss this bit out because he didn’t want the monkeys to climb on his car but I convinced him to do it.

Grandpa tried to avoid the monkeys by weaving in and out of the other cars but then he nearly ran a monkey over so he had to stop. The monkeys soon took their chance and they jumped onto our car. We could hear thudding coming from the roof. I think there were at least 20 monkeys up there!

At the end of the safari we even saw a pack of wolves. They’re very hard to spot but I saw lots of them.

Once you have been to the drive through, you can park your car and walk around all the other attractions. We went into the Bat Cave where Egyptian bats are flying around and eating oranges. One of the bats brushed past my ear and another one sat on my hand.

I really liked Penguin Island. The penguins swim all around you and beneath you and you can feed them with fish. My best bit was the area where you can actually walk with the penguins because they are so sweet. Penguins like legs so they actually get quite close to you.

Longleat Safari ParkIn Jungle Kingdom you can see animals from all round the globe like meerkats, pythons and otters. I really liked the meerkats and the otters were all curled up together. A bit further on, in Animal Adventure, you can see parrot shows. The parrots go on skateboards which is really funny.

We also went into the Butterfly House where butterflies flew all around us and there’s a special area where you can hold creatures like tortoises, pythons and tarantulas. I thought it would be scary holding a python but it was actually quite relaxing because the python felt all slippery and warm. I didn’t want to hold a tarantula though because I don’t like spiders. Grandpa said it wasn’t as bad as an ordinary spider because it feels all furry – I wasn’t prepared to risk it!

Longleat Safari ParkThe last thing we did was go on a boat around the lake. There are sea lions and hippos in the lake and you can feed the sea lions with fish. On the island you can even see Nico, the very old and grumpy gorilla. He’s got his own television and he especially likes TV programmes with lots of yellow in them like The Simpsons and SpongeBob. The keepers give him warm Ribena every morning and evening.

I think Longleat is a brilliant day out. You should definitely go.

Longleat is open all year round. Adults, from £28; children, from £20.35.


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